From the jaws of disaster … a new cheesecake is born

Flapjack has always been ‘a thing’ for me, mainly making it and eating it.  Perhaps it’s because flapjack and I share the same surname/final syllable?

Over the last few years, I adapted my mother’s basic ratio of 8/6/4 oats/butter/dark brown sugar by adding a hefty tablespoon of honey to the fat during the melting process. This yields a lovely squidgy and darkly comforting flapjack. Or at least, it should.

I recently had an issue in that it didn’t stick together properly and I ended up with a few usable squares and a mound of moist granola (NB in the recipe below, the oven temp and timings are certainly what should yield good results).

With my flapjack reputation in danger of collapsing into a pile of crumbs, what could I do?

Melting another ounce or so of fat, I bound the flapjack crumbs together, pressed them into a cake tin (with a removable base) and chilled them in the fridge.

Combining condensed milk, cream cheese, lemon juice and zest, a new take on a cheesecake emerged. Verdict? The oaty base was firm, the topping unctuous and creamy but a nice level of tartness from the lemon. Pretty good, actually.

PS I’m still pondering a name for it – flapcake, cheesejack, lemon jackcake? In some ways I hope I don’t have to make this again as it could mean I’m due flak about my flapjack.

(this quantity should make about 20 squares in a greased, 12″ by 9″ traybake tin)
1lb oats
12 oz butter,
8oz soft dark brown sugar
a good 1 1/2 tablespoons of runny honey

Preheat oven 180C/Gas 4
Melt the butter and honey together over a low heat.
Stir the sugar into the oats, crumbling any of the larger, hard lumps of sugar
Stir the butter and honey into the oats and sugar until fully coated.
Press evenly into the tin, bake for approx 20 minutes.
Score into squares and leave to cool in the tin.

About half the above quantity of flapjack bound together with about an ounce of melted butter.
Press into an 8inch springform, removable base cake tin. Chill for a good 30 minutes or so.

Mix together 180g tub of cream cheese, two thirds of a 397g can of condensed milk, juice of one lemon. Add zest if liked.

Pour onto the flapjack base and chill for a further hour or so or until firm.

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